The scorching heat certainly didn’t start right away. I woke up at 5am to 40 degrees and a cold breeze. I hit the trail at 6 to take advantage of the temps – I knew this wasn’t going to last. I had 10 miles in by 10am and hit the 1400 mile mark by 11am. That’s when it got hot. By 2:30, I had 20 miles in and the heat was unbearable. I would rank it as the third hottest day on trail – right behind the Mojave and the descent off of Fuller Ridge. At 5:30, I reached the creek at 26 miles and wasted no time downing a couple of liters. After the creek, I came to the spillway for a hydro electric plant and dunked my feet in for awhile. It was cooling off at that point, so I hiked on another few miles and ended a little over 29 miles for the day.






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