I woke up today to clouds. With as hot as it has been recently, this was a welcome sight. The entire morning was overcast and relatively cool. It even sprinkled for a little bit. I was still near the town of Burney, so when I got to the top off a hill, I found I had phone and internet service. I was able to call Janel and update the blog. I was also close enough to Redding to pick up a couple of radio stations. After being out in the woods for awhile, listening to some new music is a huge treat. I listened all day until my MP3 player died. By the end of the day, the sun had come out and it was hot again. I went through some not so scenic clear cuts too. At the end of the day, though, all was well and I camped with about 7 other thru-hikers. Overall, a good day.






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