The first few miles of trail today were nice. I walked just above the McCloud river in the cool shade of the forest. After a few miles though, the trail became pretty overgrown and the poison oak was getting hard to avoid. Combining that with even more intense heat, I decided to invoke the desert rule not hike during the hottest part of the day. I found a nice flat spot in the shade and cooked my dinner. I didn’t leave that spot for about two and a half hours. In the afternoon, storms were forming west and north of me but never got to me. As it was getting late, I was so preoccupied with finding a campsite I missed the 1500 mile marker. According to Blue, this one was definitely there too. I found a nice campsite on an old abandoned forest service road where Timex, Chaos, and Blue were camped. I hiked a little longer than I originally thought, but now I am only 5 miles from my next resupply in Castella.

On a side note, I just learned that my former boss and friend Jim announced his retirement. Jim, I don’t know if you read any of this, but it was a pleasure working for you for eleven years. You were always a great boss, mentor, and friend. Enjoy your well deserved retirement and try to stay out of the office!





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