When I was in Chester, I sent a resupply package to Castella so that I could save some time by not getting off trail to resupply. What I didn’t realize when I sent the package is that the post office doesn’t open until 11am. Oh well, I got to sleep in and get the blog updated. On the way down to Castella, I got some views of the Castle Crags and crossed the Sacramento River. Castella is 2.5 miles down an interstate frontage road. Bugs and I had no interest in road walking, so I stuck out my thumb and immediately got a hitch. After resupplying and getting a shower at the campground, I got back on the road around 6pm, when it finally cooled off into the 90’s. I hadn’t even put out my thumb yet when a car pulled up and asked if I needed a ride to the trail. And Castella is supposed to be a tough hitch. I saw Tank at the trailhead and we hiked on for about six miles and set up camp.






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