Today was a very sobering reminder of the severe drought that California is under. If you look at the pictures from yesterday, you will see some massive storm clouds over the Castle Crags. Well, I didn’t realize it yesterday, but the lightning from those storms, and storms from the previous days, was starting fires all over Northern California. Throughout the course of the day, I climbed from 2600′ to 7600′. As I got above treeline, I noticed the valleys were filling with smoke. I got some cell service and called Janel. She looked on the internet and informed me that Northern California had ignited and there were fires everywhere. It was depressing to think about what this would mean for the rest of the trip. It was even more depressing to think about what this meant to the people who live in the area. My day perked up a little at the end of the day when I crossed a dirt road and met Will, Kate, and Annie. Annie (the black lab) greeted me at the trail and Will and Kate offered me fresh baked eggplant parmesan. It was amazing. I hiked up to Porcupine Lake and setup camp. Oh yea, and I saw another rattlesnake.










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