This morning, there was ash all over my tent when I woke up. It was so smoky you barely make out the surrounding mountains. I did the usual town stuff like eating multiple giant meals, shower, laundry etc. I spent a large part of the day making new plans with Janel. One very clear lesson that the PCT teaches you is that you have to stay flexible. There are multiple fires in northern California and one right by the border with Oregon. The rumor is that the fire near the border is going to shut down that section of trail as well. Either way, everything up to at least Ashland is full of smoke. Janel and I made the decision to jump up to Ashland and avoid this mess for now. Almost all of the hikers in the area are doing the same. Hopefully, I will come back and finish this section some day. The good news is that Janel is now flying back earlier to Ashland than we had planned. I can’t wait to see her again and get back on the trail.






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  1. Alan,I am so glad to here that Janel will be joining you again. I have loved reading about your adventures and love the pictures. The scenery is breathtaking. Good luck! Barb McBride

    1. Thanks Barb! We are glad to be hiking together again. It was hard being separated, we are like Siamese twins at this point! We are looking forward to Oregon and Washington.

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