I saved going to the grocery store until Janel got there, so after breakfast at Morning Glory (awesome place), we got on the bus and headed to Albertson’s. After that, we decided to check out the downtown of Ashland. We checked out the Outdoor Store and the park. We even tried the lithia water at the fountain (sorry Joanie, but Janel did not develop a taste for the water!) Then, we ate at the barbecue place and put our thumb tack on the map. We learned Doc had hitched up to Ashland too, so we got a hold of him and ate dinner with him, Karaoke, and Veganese. We also checked out the food co-op right down the street. It had been since the beginning of June, near Lone Pine, when we had see last Doc. It was great to catch up with him. We also learned that Snakecharmer was heading into Ashland. We haven’t seen him since Idyllwild. Hopefully, we can get the whole family again tomorrow for a family reunion.





0 thoughts on “Day 111 zero miles

  1. Welcome back, Janel! I have missed you but I bet Alan missed you more! Safe travels!

  2. Happy to hear you are passed the fires and safe! When you are ready to hike Big Sur — use my place as a base camp! Take good care

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