We did eventually make it out of Ashland. We hiked about 100 miles over the last five days and made it to Crater Lake National Park. We have to get back out on the trail now, though, so we will update when we can.


0 thoughts on “Crater Lake!

  1. Wow, how beautiful. You two look beautiful and happy. So glad things are working out. Did you get that other tent? Much love, Joanie

    1. Oregon has been great. I was made for Oregon hiking : ) We have the loaner tent and it is just like ours. We should get our tent back soon with brand new zippers! Miss you Joanie! Janel

  2. Glad to hear you back at it and made it past the fires here in Southern Oregon. Sorry we couldn’t help out but we wish you best of luck on your continued hike. The Three Sisters area is just ahead and I have heard it is some of the most beautiful hiking around.

    1. Thank you! Oregon is great. We are excited for Three Sisters area! It’s been a place we have always wanted to go! It keeps getting better and better!

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