The day started ominous with rain clouds. We also started the day with a gradual uphill. I have decided I was made to hike these gradual Oregon uphills! I am so happy to be back on the trail. I feel as I am looking through everything with a new set of clear eyes. I am so thankful I was able to visit with friends and family and also get to come back to the trail. I love being on the trail with Alan. It’s our home for now.
We found huckleberries today! I love these! We had them in Wyoming a few years ago and love snacking on them. Picking these berries slowed our pace, but it was well worth it!
We found a unique water source today. It was an old fashioned sort of pump. It was hard work. The water was a rusty brown color. Luckily our filter cleared that up.
We walked across lava rock. That is a treat for the feet… We also lucked out and ran in to the Pop-Up Trail Angels. The Chef is an actual chef. Her husband is her assistant. They poured us fresh lemonade and she prepared a wonderful spaghetti with grilled zucchini topped with blue cheese and a raspberry balsamic drizzle. It was a tasty surprise!
We hiked on a few feet and set up camp near a nice flowing river.
Happy Trails,









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