We started our day hiking above the smoke we saw yesterday evening. We could see the source below the ridge. There was a lot of water for a very short stretch and at every creek, there were hundreds of tiny frogs. I stopped and admired all these little frogs. I could have stayed and watched them all day. I think I need a pet. Maybe a dog..or two dogs! Maybe after the PCT : ) Things to think about while hiking! So I spent the rest of the afternoon deciding on the names of my two new dogs.
We got to our last water source for the day. We had a 20 mile stretch of no water. We carried a total of 9 liters.
We had been noticing tall dark rain clouds. It began raining on us. We donned our rain gear and hiked on. It rained pretty much from 1:30-6:30.
There was quite a bit of thunder and lightening towards the later evening. It was pouring while we set up our tent. We were pretty soaked. We were glad to be in our tent since the thunder and lightening became more intense. We enjoyed our dinner in the tent. But we had one big issue. Our water filter appears to be broken….I guess we will figure that out tomorrow.









2 thoughts on “Day 117 mile 1803.8-1822.7

  1. Are you hiking through Hooville? Those flowers make me think of “Horton Hears a Who”. Proud of you two. Looking forward to more.

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