We woke up to a cold and wet day. It rained on us until we got the tent torn down then that was it. It was still very cool, though, and the air felt pretty damp. Not long into the hike, we officially passed into Crater Lake National Park. We got to the store around 11am and found out that they didn’t have fuel canisters. Arg, now we had two problems – a broken water filter and no fuel. Somehow, we knew things were going to work out, though. We went into the restaurant and told our sob story to the hostess who immediately told Stephanie (one of the servers) about us. Stephanie came over to our table and promptly offered up her boyfriend, Brian, to drive us an hour and a half to Medford to the closest REI. We took them up on the offer and pretty soon, we were riding with Stephanie and Brian to Medford. We got a new filter, a fuel can, and some bars. Then we went out for pizza and stopped and got a few groceries. Thank you so much guys! We got back around 9pm and set up the tent in the backpackers camping area in the campground.
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2 thoughts on “Day 118 mile 1822.7-1829.3 plus 1.5 miles

  1. Your adventure has restored my hope in mankind! People are so amazingly generous!!!! Safe travels!

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