We hiked the rest of the OST to get to our next resupply at Shelter Cove Resort. On the way, we passed the very scenic Diamond View Lake. We got in around 11am and got a coffee and a surprisingly tasty breakfast burrito. We asked for our resupply box and a care package from my mom and were told that they had neither. We still had some food left over from Crater Lake, so we filled in the holes with food from the convenience store. After getting the tracking number, though, we learned that my mom’s care package was still a couple of days out, but our resupply box was delivered. We asked again and, sure enough, it was actually there. We returned the food we bought and went through all of our food again. By then it was getting late, so we decided to stay at the campground and get on the trail early tomorrow.
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5 thoughts on “Day 122 10.2 miles on the OST

  1. Your pic of lake made me think of Forest Gump….”The lake was so clear it looked like there were two skies, one of top of the other.”

    1. What’s up there Greggy? Oregon has been pretty amazing. It gets even better from here. Since Janel got back we’ve been like peas and carrots again.

  2. Continued success on this “adventure’ on life’s journey…………I avidly read each and every post and am thrilled with the fabulous pics. I do hope Oregon will be kinder to you — I have been gone for so long but am truly an Oregonian in spirit——all the Ashland, Crater Lake, Diamond Lake, Medford references all bring back memories to me. Take care of yourselves and each other and journey on…………..love, prayers, and hugs…………joan everett

    1. I have been thinking of you through Oregon! Your home state is gorgeous! Oregon is simply amazing. I love it here. Thanks for the love, prayers, and hugs ! Janel

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