After the big day yesterday, we decided to push it again today so that we could get into our next resupply in Sisters, Oregon for breakfast in two days. Within the first half mile or so, we enter the Three Sisters Wilderness. The Three Sisters area is a popular backpacking area and soon we were running into a lot of weekend backpackers. I say “a lot” but that really only means about ten or so people to us since we don’t see many people who aren’t thru hikers out here. We passed Braham Lake and then a whole bunch of other lakes. There were so many lakes, I stopped writing down the names. As we got close to Elk Lake, we could see the bottoms of the Sisters mountains in the distance, but the tops were enveloped in clouds. We pushed on to Sisters Mirror Lake, which was supposed to have great views, but it was dark by the time we got there.
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