It was practically a day off. We only planned on doing 20 miles today. We slept in until 8am. It was drizzling and cold outside. We took our time eating and packing up. We finally started hiking at 10:30am. It felt good to move slowly in the morning. The sun came out around noon. The three sisters peaks had been in the fog. We finally got to see them. We saw a waterfall today. Obsidian falls. It was a pretty sight to see. It was getting cooler and windy as the day progressed. I think we need to get our warmer gear! I am longing for my fleece pants! We had a great campsite perched above a small lake. Tomorrow is town day! Food, laundry and a warm shower! All the things I will dream of tonight!
Sweet dreams,
Janel *aka Granny Candies*
There has been a name change…Snake Charmer pushed for a better name for me. Granny Candies. So, I carry “so-called granny candies” in my pockets.. Yes, I like werthers, butterscotch candies and other hard candies. And yes, like a good grandma, I share my candies.









0 thoughts on “Day 125 Mile 1965.2-1985.5

  1. Janel
    Everytime i read your blog and see those awesome pictures I can’t believe it . Your pictures are like on a postcard. I really enjoy following your adventures. Haven’t worked Phase 11 forever so don’t know if you remember me. I remember you talking about this adventure and how I thought it was a wonderful experience while you are young and not old like me . Stay warm and healthy.


    1. Of course I remember you Vicky! The scenery and experience are more than I imagined. You are never too old Vicky! I have seen 70-80 year olds hiking : ) Good to hear from you!

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