It was cold last night. We have slept during colder nights in the Sierras, but this was a little unexpected for mid August. Later, we found out it was in the mid 30’s. I guess it’s time to send out the cold weather gear. We got on trail at 7:30 with Snakecharmer and Rush and booked it to the highway in order to get into Sisters for breakfast. To our surprise, however, the Pop-up Trail Angels were set up at the highway crossing. Chef and Jerry gave us hot coffees and made us delicious banana walnut pancakes. Thanks guys! After eating, Snakecharmer stuck out his thumb and the first truck to pass stopped and picked us up. We all piled in. When we got into town, we were right by the Hop and Bean, so we thought it would be a good idea to get a second breakfast and a nice breakfast stout. We spent the rest of the day doing the normal chores and then went out for some awesome mexican food at Los Agaves. We then met up with Snakecharmer and Rush across the street for a (few) beer(s). Rush and Snakecharmer were still looking for a place to stay, so we had them stay in our room for the night.





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  1. All so beautiful. However, Janel, you don’t look like a Granny to me!!! Still, not that dreaded name you worried about (I won’t mention!) Love, Joanie

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