We enjoyed sleeping in today. We spent the morning and early afternoon finishing town chores and packing. We checked out of the hotel and went to get some lunch. After lunch, we went to a coffee shop with wifi so we could blog. When we finished blogging, we ran across the street to a shipping store to send home a few things. It was starting to rain. We had every intention of leaving Sisters and hitching to the trail…but it kept raining. We both felt tired. It was now 5 pm and we decided by the time we hitched back to the trail we really would not get many miles in.. So why not stay another night! I was easily convinced. We saw a vacancy sign on at Sisters Motor Inn. It looked cute and comfortable. Mary, the owner gave us a deal and a great cozy room. It was so nice. Mary also offered to take us to the trail head at 7am the next day. So that was even better. We settled in and headed out for dinner at a pizza place. On the walk back to the inn, I stopped at Sno-Cap. It is an ice cream place. I had the best ice cream sundae . We stayed up until 10pm! The inn had the most comfortable bed! I am so glad we stayed.
Sweet dreams,
Janel/Granny Candies





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  1. Dreamy! I’m leaving for Oregon soon too. It will be cool being in the same state as you guys, though still far away. You are still in Oregon, No???

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