We planned a big day today! We want to hike 30 miles just to see what it is like…and it gets us closer to the buffet at Timberline Lodge! We have heard a lot of trail gossip about this buffet! We got up at 5:30am! So early. We walked through a newer burn area that had the this part of the trail closed earlier this season. By 1pm we had walked 16 miles. Doing good! We got in a forested area, it was relatively flat. I listened to some podcasts and started my new audiobook. It helps the time fly! By 7:30 we hit 30miles! We set up camp at Timothy Lake. It was a beautiful big lake. The only thing was the litter! Have respect for nature people! I have never seen so much tp, liquor bottles, fast food wrappers… It was sad. Such a pretty place, but some parts look like a city dump.
Janel/Granny Candy








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