We were up early with thoughts of the famous restaurant food at Timberline Lodge. We had 20 miles to get there, and wanted plenty of time to get there to eat and look around. We did take a .1 mile side trip to Little Crater Lake first thing in the morning. This is a deep, crystal clear spring formed by the collapse of the underlying rock. It reminded us of Blue Springs in Florida, but we didn’t see any manatees here. Along the way to Timberline, we crossed 2100 miles and entered the Mt. Hood wilderness. The PCT really makes you work hard to get to Timberline. The last few miles to the lodge gain 1700′ and the last 500′ are in loose sand. Oh well, nothing is easy on the PCT. We got to the lodge at 3:30 – not bad for 20 miles. We decided to stay the night at the lodge so that we could do laundry and shower and have plenty of time at the various eateries. The real fun happens tomorrow, however, when we get to take on the famous breakfast buffet.
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  1. Hi Janel! I save reading your blog for my early Saturday morning activity, when it’s quiet & I can enjoy it with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading a book, and can’t wait to get to the next chapter….like now! I’m dying to find out how the buffet was. I hope it was everything you dreamed of!
    Miss you. Stay safe.

  2. Hey little cousin! I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed reading about your amazing journey! I am in awe. Sometimes I think you guys are nuts, sometimes I feel a little jealous, as I did not inherit this adventure gene. But, mostly I think you’re nuts (I did inherit that gene)! I appreciate your sharing and look forward to hearing about that buffet! Love you, and I’m still sorry if we were mean to you when we were little (but I don’t remember that). Can’t wait to hear more about it next time we get to see you!

    1. Hey cuz! Thanks for checking out the blog. I am pretty sure we are nuts, but everybody keeps encouraging us so we just go with it. Janel is about to write about the buffet, but – spoiler alert – it was AMAZING!

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