The breakfast buffet was……………AMAZING! It was so good, we stuck around for the lunch buffet! We set our alarm for 7:25am. The buffet began at 7:30am. We just had to roll out of bed and head down the hallway to the buffet. I topped out with 3 total plates. My last pancake put me over the edge ( it was my third, it was an almond-orange pancake, I topped it with fresh berries and homemade whip cream…). Alan had 4 plate fulls of breakfast. I went in to a sort of food coma and waddled back to our room to pack. Luckily my hiking shorts have an elastic waist ; ) We checked out of our room at 11am and headed to the lobby to blog. Secretly, I knew this would allow us to have lunch at timberline. I had also heard trail gossip about the lunch buffet. As we finished blogging, we noticed it was time to eat! So eat we did! How were we hungry?? It was hard work. But we managed 2 buffets in one day. The waiter even recognized us from earlier.
Eventually we headed back to the trail to walk off 2 buffets worth of calories.









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  1. That was awesome. You totally had me cooked into thinking Alan was writing with the 3 plate comment. Should have known he’d be up to 4. 🙂 can’t believe you’re almost to Washington!

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