We finished the Eagle Creek Alternate today. This trail was one of my favorite. It was so green, lush, and beautiful. It felt like a rainforest. Maybe that was because it rained lightly on us our last couple of miles. We came in to Cascade Locks for our resupply. Our first stop was for lunch. We then grocery shopped and took showers at a campground. While at the campground, we were invited to a party! Lifesaver and High Chair had just finished hiking the Oregon section of the PCT. Their families threw them a party to celebrate. It was a potluck! They fed us and then we were on our way. It was time to go to Washington. We walked across the Bridge of the Gods. This is the lowest point on the PCT ( 220 feet ). The bridge was longer and taller than I imagined. It was quite a moment! Washington welcomed us with blackberries! There were tons of fresh blackberries lining the trail. We ate quite a few. We set up camp in a nice flat spot. So far so good in Washington!














0 thoughts on “Day 135 mile 2155-2158.9 + 9 miles on Eagle Creek Alt.

  1. Congrats on making it to Washington. What a time you both must be having. It’s been great sharing your journey this far, only a little further to go. Be Safe. Mike

  2. Met both of you a long way back on trail, somewhere around mile 60 or so. I mentioned that I had seen your blog before getting on trail but had not commented. Glad to see both of you are working your way through Washington now. Enjoy the rest of your hike.

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