The Optimist cooked me breakfast this morning. Our room has a small stove and fridge. He made some eggs with cheese and salsa. We burnt our bagels, as we are not used to toasters these days. It was a delicious meal! We got on the trail with full bellies. We hiked passed may lakes today. We had some lunch with Henry ( a fellow hiker). I seem to be developing food aversions… We had my favorite trail meal for lunch. Mac and cheese with tuna and dehydrated veggies. I could barely eat it. Hmmm. I hope that passes. The Optimist frowns on peanut butter and tortillas at this time.
It’s funny how tastes change out here. I would love a salad right now! One thing I can always eat are pop tarts. I am developing quite the taste for them. There are so many flavors! Ok, enough about food.
We hiked in and out of Mt. Ranier National Park. The moon was gorgeous tonight. It seems to be a full moon.







0 thoughts on “Day 143 mile 2303.0-2328.8

  1. So much talk about food, I thought it was the Optimist talking. 🙂 You guys need to stop posting soon, I’m getting nothing done tonight!!!!!! Love you guys!

    1. Oh Michelle, food has become my favorite past time… That will need to change soon! Sorry you did not get anything done tonight ; ) miss you guys, love you all and see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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