Today we got to see about every weather type that Washington has to offer. In the morning, it was cloudy and cool. We passed by Sheep Lake before we climbed the ridge where we had views back to the Goat Rocks and Mt. Adams. On the other side of the ridge, we found beautiful blue skies and warm temps, but the wind was pretty fierce. By the afternoon, fog had rolled in and it even began raining before we could call it a night.
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  1. SOOOO SORRY we missed you at Chinook Pass! We had to have JUST missed you! As regular Trail Angels at Chinook Pass, we were late getting to the pass yesterday. We did a recon into Government Meadows to see if we wanted to Trail Angel there. Nope. Headed to Chinook and were set up by 1:00. Heard we missed 8 to 10 hikers by a few hours. DRAT! Did get to feed K2, Crank, Pippen and Shrek. SO DARN SORRY we missed you! You are one of the few blogs I’ve been following. Dog gone it! We’ve fed 34 hikers this past week……..great fun. Thanks for the fun blog…..happy trails!! xoxo Happy Tutu.

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