I set the alarm for 5:30am…. We hit the snooze button multiple times. Finally we just shut it off and go back to sleep. I could hear the rain hitting the tent and was not ready to face the day. We slowly woke up and ate breakfast in the tent. We emerged from the tent around 9:30 to find a thick wet fog all around. It was going to be a chilly day, the kind of day where you need to keep moving to stay warm. I did not feel like hiking today… I hate days like this. I have no choice but to hike. So hike I do. I tried to distract myself with thoughts of home. Where will we live? What job will I have? When will I get my dog/dogs? When can I get a massage, pedicure, and haircut…..It can all be so exciting to think about! The world is our oyster! This distraction works for a bit. I then distract myself with audiobooks, music, and podcasts. This works! It rains on and off all day. We come across trail magic at the end of the day. Not Phil’s Dad has drinks for us! Thanks! We hike a few miles to camp and have dinner. Nothing sounds good to me. The Optimist eats a reasonably healthy dinner. I ate what every 5 year old dreams of, cookies, sour patch kids, Pringles, jelly beans… It’s embarrassing! This seemed like a good idea at the time. I will need an intervention when I get home.







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