After a good nights rest we started in on the usual chores. Laundry, go over our resupply packages and breakfast. Thanks Mom for the candy and lemon cake! The cake was delicious! We bought some groceries at a small gas station store. We had found a coffee shop for lunch and headed back to the hotel to catch up on the blog.
We had a great dinner at Aardvark Express food truck. I wish that food truck would travel along the trail. I had a tasty fresh curry, finally good fresh food. I realize this is becoming a food blog! Pretty soon I will be sharing recipes and putting up countless pictures of food : )
Back at the hotel, we booked plane tickets home! We are estimating to be done in the next two weeks! It feels crazy to think about. We will stay in Vancouver a few days and then fly back east to family and friends. What an exciting journey!





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