A day in the life (of us):
5:15am- alarm goes off, The Optimist looks at me, I hit snooze button. Usually I hit the snooze button twice.
Once we are really awake, we notice condensation in the tent. Ugh.. That means we need to get out of the tent faster than normal, as we do not want our things ( especially down quilts ) getting wet. I usually like to leisurely awaken and eat my first breakfast and have coffee in the tent. Not today though..
6:45 We are packed up, have eaten a Clif bar and head out. A couple miles in to the day, we do stop for a second breakfast and coffee.
Hours and miles pass. We always hike near one another. We break as needed. We snack throughout the morning.
By 11 am we were ready for lunch. We found a nice lake and sunshine to dry our tent out in. It was a long lunch today, almost 2 hours! Oops. Normally we take an hour lunch. Our tent was really dry by the time lunch break was over. We cooked our meal, burritos and we had a pineapple upside down cake for dessert.
More hours and miles pass. The Optimist listens to music and podcasts. His favorite podcast is The Trail Show. I like audio books lately. I just finished Orange is the New Black. It was good.
3:00pm is a good time for a candy break and a drink mix. We have been enjoying lemonade these days ( thanks Mom!).
7:15pm Quitting time. It’s getting dark early these days. We had a flat campsite and water source nearby tonight. Those are all wonderful things! We set up our tent. It takes about 10 minutes to set up. We toss our stuff in. We will eat at our campsite tonight. It’s usually a quick uncooked meal. We had crackers and cheese tonight. I am always first in the tent. I like to organize my things and bundle up. I tend to get cold fast.
9:00pm ( hiker midnight ) Bedtime for us!
See, it really is eat, hike, repeat, and just toss in a little sleep : )





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