Finally, the mice did not poop into shoes! The mice have been leaving me these “presents” every morning for the last few days. Note though however, The Optimist never gets mouse poo in his shoes. I think the odor overwhelms them…There are lots of mice in Washington. We hear them at night. My shoes stay outside the tent, in the vestibule part. Last night, I stuffed my socks in them and put my camp shoes over them. No mouse droppings!
We hike in to Stevens Pass. We get a ride in to town with Me Too’s girlfriend. She drops us off at The Dinsmores ( local trail angels). We get our resupply package and shower. Thank you Audrey for the card! We give a donation for their kind services and head back to Skykomish to get some extra food for the next 5 days. We manage to finish our resupply between a gas station and small deli. I have to admit, I am getting sick of our food and all convenience store foods. I just want vegetables, fruits, and home cooked meals… That will come soon though! ( ***hint to friends and family we will be seeing soon***) We eat at a cafe for dinner. Then, Jim ( a local who enjoys giving rides to hikers ) takes us back to the trail. We give him some gas $ for his time. We hike 2.5 miles and set up for the night. Tonight has an ” early to bed ” feeling. I am hoping for an 8:30pm bedtime. Sleep is magical out here.





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  1. I’ve got Columbus covered on the home-made food tip! Just let me know when and what you’re craving! Janel, I’ll bet mouse poo in your shoes is a good omen….
    Much love to you both, Joanie

    1. Thanks Joanie! I loooove your cooking! Well if mouse poo in my shoe was a good omen, I hope a mouse in my tent was an even better omen!! I will have to tell you about that one : )

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