Rain, cold weather, washouts, wildlife, and downed trees were not going to stop us from getting to CANADA!! On Wednesday, September 24th at 1:00pm we crossed the border!!!!!!!! More updates soon!!!!




0 thoughts on “We made it to Canada!!!!!

  1. That’s so awesome you guys. Congrats so proud of you both, and you should be so proud of yourselves! đŸ™‚

  2. So cool! It has been so awesome to be able to follow you guys on your amazing adventure! Congrats guys, đŸ™‚

  3. Congrats to both of you….glad to hear you made it. So after hiking all 3 states, which was your favorite? Be honest – if you don’t say Oregon I won’t be offended. Did you have a favorite spot during the hike that stands out in your mind? Again, congrats on finishing the hike!!

    1. Thank you. My favorite all around state was Oregon. I loved all the green. I loved tunnel falls on the eagle creek alt. I would love to spend some time in Bend. The Optimist liked the SoCal desert. He liked the expansive views. We both agree Washington was beautiful, it would rank higher if we would have hit less rain/fog. The Sierras were a favorite spot. Wow! It looks like it was all our favorites! We still have 10,000 pics to go through!

  4. Nice going team! I saw you trail journal entries going north. I finished my hike near Lake Almanor. An old friend was ill and close to passing away so I went back at mile 1,335. Enjoyed meeting you both and very pleased that you made the distance!!! Best, Walkie No Talkie.

    1. Walkie! We always were looking for you! Thanks for finding us. And thanks again for the tacos in Idyllwild! Hope your hike was all you dreamed of! It was great meeting you.

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