It seems like the further north we hike, the more mice congregate outside of our tent. Last night, they had a party. We didn’t sleep much with all the scurrying going on just beyond our heads. We still got up early and were hiking by 6:45. Our quick morning start was soon derailed though when we found cell service on a ridge and were able to update the blog. After the delay, we hiked on past Lake Valhalla and up the next big climb. It was pretty hot and sunny during the day, but it was very muggy and we watched the clouds drop lower and lower as we hiked. It looks like we are going to get some weather in the next day or two. The rest of the day we had some awesome views of Glacier Peak and passed the 2500 mile mark. When we got to camp, Hot Pants (the only other hiker we saw all day) found some “Beer Magic” in the creek. Somebody had brought in beers and left them in the creek for hikers to enjoy. It was magical.
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