Today marks five months since we started the trail. We celebrated with our toughest day on the trail so far. It began raining last night and was still raining when we woke up. We needed to make decent miles today though, so we reluctantly pushed each other out of the tent at 7am. I immediately stepped in the first creek that we crossed. My feet never did dry out. It started raining hard when we crossed the famous collapsed bridge. After that, we started the first of two huge climbs and ended up with about 6000′ of elevation for the day. There were a lot of trees down in this section and some small washouts which made for some tough miles even on the downhills. The rain kept up all day. It took us until 7:30 to get 22 soggy miles, and when we got to camp, all of the flat spots were taken. We set up camp on some lumpy ground between a couple of trees.
The (a little bit less) Optimist







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