Well, if I thought mouse poo in my shoes was a problem, I was wrong! Shortly after we had fallen asleep, I was awakened by The Optimist. I grabbed my head lamp right away. He said he felt something on his leg. Yikes, I don’t like where this is headed….We directed our lights toward the back of the tent. And then we saw IT!……a mouse in our tent. The Optimist asked me what we should do. I laughed in my head. I just wanted to get the h*ll out of the tent! But it was a downpour outside, so that was not an option. We chased it around the tent with a plastic cup, I guess thinking we would catch it… Meanwhile the mouse is pooping all over the tent. ( see, dry poop in my shoes is not so bad anymore). Finally it runs to the front of the tent and I unzip the front and it scurries out. Wow, glad it’s out of there! Now we clean up poo and have to patch our tent where the little home invader ate a hole through our bug netting. I had trouble sleeping the rest of the night due to lingering thoughts of mice..
The morning was rainy. We slept in after mouse invasion 2014. Reluctantly at 8:30am we had to hike. We put on our soaked rain gear. Our socks and shoes were soaked too. It’s always hard putting on wet things. I did it as fast as I could and knew I would get warmer eventually.
By noon we thought we saw our shadows. Could it be sun???!! I hoped so. We came to a clearing on a ridge and felt the glorious sunshine on our tired faces! It was uplifting. We decided to eat lunch and dry out every item we had. We over took the surrounding trail and used it as our drying rack. It felt so good to get things and ourselves dry!
It was a long day with a big climb. But we were dry!!!!! It didn’t even matter when we missed the campsite we intended to stay at and had to hike uphill another mile and a half to the next campsite. We were dry, our things were dry, and that was all we needed!!!
Thankful for sunshine,







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