What a good nights sleep. I woke up with a real pillow under my head and 3 soft blankets on me. Luxuries of life. I also awoke with thoughts of that bakery in my head! Luckily the cabin we were welcomed in to is only feet from the bakery. I have decided to pack out sticky buns and cinnamon rolls for our last trail days!
Most of all I awaken with gratitude. I am amazed by the kindness we have been shown on this trip. We are strangers, but people take us in like family. Bill, Deb, Gary and Shari have been so nice to us. One thing I hope for myself upon returning to the “real world”, is that I too can show more kindness and openness to strangers. People have been so generous along this whole trip and I too want to be generous. This trail makes me want to be a better person. The trail can teach you so many things.
Our new friends offer us cups of coffee while we organize our resupply. We chat about life and hiking. Eventually we have to leave and catch the bus back to the trail. Luckily for us, the bus picks you up at the bakery! We grab all of our baked goods and run to the bus. We meet up with Pinecone, Windsong, and Farout. We ran in to them last night while doing laundry. We plan to hike our last trail days around these great people.
It’s warm and sunny today. Upon leaving Stehekin we heard some mixed reviews on weather reports. There was no tv or Internet there, so we don’t really know. For today it’s sunny! We have a lot of uphill hiking today. I almost forgot what it feels like to be so hot and sweaty while hiking. I am having flashbacks from the desert! We make it to camp and meet up with the group. We decide to just put up the bug netting on our tent tonight ( no rain fly). It is so starry and clear. I want to star gaze from my bed tonight!
Trying to identify constellations,






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  1. I really am going to miss all of your posts and hearing about all of the great people you have met.

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