We needed to get good miles in today. We had a deer hanging around our tent all night. You could hear its hooves pacing outside our tent most of the night. We tried to scare it, chase it away, and yell at it. It was a stubborn deer and did not care. We got on trail at 7am. We hiked uphill and the mountains around us were glowing in the beautiful sunrise. I will miss these moments… We know rain is likely and keep moving. The rain catches us after our lunch. It was more a steady light rain for the rest of the day. It can always be worse. I will take a light steady rain with out complaining. Most of the day we are hiking on a ridge getting to overlook all the gorgeous fall surrounding us. I am trying to take all this in, as I know our trail time is running out. I have moments of excitement to finish. I am so excited to see family and friends. I am really excited for my sister’s wedding!!!! I am excited for that wedding cake Laura and Bruce! We may be cutting it together! Just kidding! But I will miss all this nature, the beautiful yellow larch trees,taking pictures, and most of all 24/7 time with my husband, The Optimist. We are a great team. Prior to the hike, with work and life we would only spend a few hours a day together during the work week. We have had so much time together. I have enjoyed hiking with this guy for miles and miles. I’d hike anywhere with him.
Almost there,








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