We had 14.5 miles left before we got to the northern monument and crossed into Canada. Another nine miles after that and we would be at Manning Park in British Columbia where we would run out of trail. It was pretty surreal to wake up and know that this would be the last time we would pack up the tent. We had HEAVY rain last night. It was probably the most rain we have had on the trip. Luckily, by the time we were ready to hit the trail, the rain had let up some. We walked along a ridge for a bit and then started the big descent down to the border. Along the way, we past Hopkins Lake. By 1pm, we had made it! Canada at last! We stuck around the monument until the other hikers behind us caught up. It was a big group. We left the monument after about an hour. We still had 9 miles to hike to get to our final destination – Manning Park Lodge. By 5:30, we were at the lodge and our long, crazy journey was over. There was no more trail to hike. We checked into the hotel and ate at the restaurant. It was the first time we ever had Poutine (hint – it’s just fries with cheese and gravy).
It is a strange feeling being done. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that we don’t have to hike tomorrow. I will miss the simplicity of life on the trail. I will miss seeing new, beautiful landscapes every day. But most importantly, I will miss the people. This was something I did not expect prior to starting the trail. Before starting the trail, I wanted the solitude of being in the wilderness, but as the trip wore on, I realized how much I appreciated the people all around me. I will miss the amazing trail angels who helped us along the way, the great community of hikers we met, and most importantly, the undivided, undistracted time spending with Janel. Thanks for following us on our journey!
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  1. I’ve loved traveling with you. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I’m sorry our paths didn’t cross. Big congrats to you both. Happy Tutu

  2. I’m going to miss the blog! Not as much as you will miss the trail, but still, a little emotional here. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Oh my!!! I feel emotional on your behalf… What an incredible experience you two have had together! I will miss reading your updates on your adventures. xoxo

  4. Okay, you made me cry! Glad you guys made it. Thanks so much for sharing such gorgeous pics all these months, and your experience in words. It was wonderful! Much love and look forward to seeing you in the near future. Joanie

  5. Janel

    Absolutely amazing and once again such beautiful pictures. Your husband must be an amazing man and his last note in your journal was so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I , like the rest of the followers have enjoyed following your journey. Wishing you the best as you end this journey and start another chapter in your lives. Glad you made it before the snow.

    RMH Phase 11

  6. Wow, it will be a strange feeling that you guys are done. What will I read every morning now. Thinking how far you just hiked and how quickly 5 months went by seems, the people, the scenery & your experience. Thank you for allowing us to share in your adventure.

  7. Congratulations you guys! Job well done! When you’re ready for the Big Sur leg – let me know and when you get that new lab – send pics! Take good care, joan

    1. Thanks Joan! Without you, we may still be in Bridgeport! We are dreaming of Big Sur! It’s bound to happen. I will keep you posted on the new pup. I tried to convince Alan that we should get one today. He didn’t take me up on my offer…maybe tomorrow!

    1. Hey Wired! We made it to the end, but we both have some miles to make up. We had a fire closure and a few other challenges so we hope to be back to finish up sometime soon. It was a great journey, and we are both a little sad that it is over. We didn’t have much time on the trail to check out your trip, but we hope to read through your AT posts now that we have some more time. Hope it all went well!

      1. Oh yeah, this past summer was fire crazy on the PCT. I think you’ll really enjoy the AT experience I had. It was quite the culmination and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish the Triple Crown!

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