So, we finished the trail 43 days ago.  Since then, it has been more like eat hike repeat.  Here is what we have been up to:

161 - (5)

After spending a night at Manning Park Lodge, we caught the Greyhound to Vancouver.

161 - (15)161 - (19)

Once we got to Vancouver, we were surprised to find out that our families had all chipped in to pay for a room at the fanciest hotel EVER.  We may have been the first hikers ever to stay there.  The bell boys were shocked to see that all of our luggage was on our backs.  Thank you Moms and Dads, Grandma and Grandpa, Gary, Alissa, Samantha, and Marleigh, Laura and Bruce, Michelle, Steve, Sam, and Libby.  We also got foot and leg massages thanks to Theresa.


After leaving Vancouver, we flew back to visit friends and family.

Bruce and Laura Family Formals-15 (2)

We made it to Laura and Bruce’s wedding cleaned up and on time.  We could have used our wind gear that day!

iphone4 759IMG_0021

Since the wedding, we have been doing some hiking.


We have even taken on a new hobby – car camping.  It almost feels like cheating to set up camp before hiking 20+ miles.


Recently, we got to go trick or treating with our niece and nephew.  The aftermath looked a lot like a successful resupply!

The transition from trail life has been somewhat of a mental challenge.  The trail has transformed us.  We may look the same on the outside, but the change has come from the inside.  We miss the simplicity of the trail, but we will use the lessons that the trail taught us wherever the next path leads us (the CDT!) (just kidding mom, well maybe…).

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  1. I have enjoyed following your story! I was wondering how the transition might be and low and behold you commented on it. 🙂 I immediately thought of a FB post lots have been referencing specifically about building tiny portable houses to get back to the simplicity of things…. something like this:

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