After a long night’s sleep last night, we woke up and found out that we were above the clouds.  There was some moisture in the air last night due to some nearby storms, so we had some condensation in our tent.  We hung around camp for a little bit to dry out and wait for the snow to soften up in case we had more snow crossings.  Once we got on the trail, we ran into a hiker going south who had hiked the trail last year, but had to skip this section due to fires too.  He had been hiking with Pan a couple of days earlier who was also finishing up her hike.  We actually finished the same day as Pan last year.  In another crazy coincidence, we were getting water at a spring late in the day, and another hiker came up.  It took a couple of seconds, but pretty soon we recognized each other.  It was Halfstep, a hiker from last year who Janel and I hiked with through Oregon and Washington.  He was out with a friend finishing up his missing section. It was great to see a familiar face out here!  I hope to see more as we hike  north.

The Optimist

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