Today was so quiet and beautiful!  We did not see a single person today.  The morning had a slight chill in the air as we meandered through the still shaded part of the ridge we were walking.  The views were impressive.  It feels so good to be out here!  It is peaceful.  As the day went on the temperature rose quite a bit and we were now hiking through a burn area.  We passed a deep blue lake (it may have been called Maneater lake).  We found a nice stream to cool our feet off in and decided to make dinner.  Dinner tonight is tuna mac…There are certain foods we have been avoiding since hiking last year. I can no longer look at trail mix the same way and The Optimist has a big aversion to Clif bars.  This is our first run in with tuna mac.  It went better than expected : ) We were feeling pretty drained after dinner.  But we still had a few more uphill miles to hike before we set up camp for the night.  We found a great spot to call home for the evening!


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  1. I didn’t realize you were back on the trail It once again looks beautiful. I thought we just talked at RMH but I’m kind of out of the loop

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