Yesterday was a travel day.  After half a day of planes, trains, and Ubers, we made it to our hotel in Littleton, Colorado.  Today was a trail day.  The first 6 miles are on a dam service road with lots of mountain bikers, hikers, and the occasional service truck.  It was hot, but it didn’t matter much since we were excited to be back on trail.  Along the way, we passed some wildlife encounters with two frisky rattlesnakes and a herd of a little too tame bighorn sheep.  We also met a bunch of other thru hikers ready to start their journey. After 6 miles, we got on the single track Colorado Trail that will be our home for the month.  By 5:00, we called it a day and set up camp. It’s good to be back on trail.

0 thoughts on “Day 1 Mile 0.0-11.8 (11.8 miles)

  1. Wow, gorgeous! (Except for the rattlesnakes!) Love the sheep though. Thanks for sharing. Miss you and much love, Joanie

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