So, we are trying this new “get up and get out of the tent early” thing on the CT.  Today we were up at 6 and on the trail at 6:45, not too bad.  There was a lot of cloud cover today, which was nice since a lot of the day we were walking through an old exposed burn section.  We had sent a small resupply package to Buffalo Creek, a small town a few miles off the CT.  We got a quick hitch into town and were back on the trail in an hour.  Once we got back on, it started raining a little.  We barely got the tent up and made dinner before it started pouring.

0 thoughts on “Day 2 Mile 11.8-28.0 (16.2 miles)

  1. OMG I didn’t realize you were back at it!!!! We walk 2 miles in our neighborhood & think we’ve accomplished a lot. Take care. Be safe & enjoy. We just got back from a trip out west but it was in the car only. Lots of long days in the car . I have since retired like Barb from RMH

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