So before we went to bed last night, we saw where some inconsiderate person had dumped some dried cranberries by the fire pit.  Well, thanks to them we had a visitor at 4am come looking for the cranberries.  We think it was a fox, but it didn’t look like any fox we had seen before.  Anyway, we got on trail as the sun was coming up because we had a big 2400′ climb ahead of us.  We entered the Lost Creek wilderness and before long, we were above 10,000 ft for the first time.  We spent most of the day hiking around Zach and Matt (Legohead and Frosty).  The entire afternoon we walked along a high meadow as we watched rain clouds build at the end of the meadow.  It started raining as we exited the meadow, and we walked a couple of miles in the rain until we set up the tent.  After a couple of hours of rain, the sky cleared just enough to give us time to make dinner, and then really came down once we got back in the tent.

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