It rained hard all night until about 4 am.  When we got up the rain was replaced by a cool fog.  It actually turned out to be perfect hiking weather despite some intermittent sprinkles.  Along the trail we met Tie and Solo and our first two north/east bounders.  We reached Kenosha Pass at 2:30 and just then it started to rain harder.  From Kenosha Pass, you can hitch into the towns of Jefferson or Fairplay.  We had already figured on running into town to get enough food to last to Breckenridge, but with the rain coming in, we decided to stay the night too.  We got a ride with two super cool people, Mike and Hallie and their two boys.  They took us into Fairplay and we got a room and a couple of meals.  At one of the restaurants, we ran into three guys who had just completed their thru hikes of the CT and were headed back to Denver.  One had even done the PCT.  It was fun to talk to them.  Oh yea, and Fairplay is the town they based Southpark on.

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