We were even more determined to beat the weather today, so we set the alarm for 5:30.  By 6:30, we were on trail.  We had an immediate 2300′ climb, but it wasn’t nearly as steep as yesterday.  We followed a meadow for a few miles and then started the climb up to the alpine tundra at Searle Pass.  There we wildflowers and blue skies everywhere.  We walked along the ridge for a few miles and stopped to have lunch with a new group of thru hikers – Becky, Siri, Padfoot, Shaman, Poots, and M&M.  We hiked along to Kokomo Pass when Space Invader met a Pika and had a photo shoot.  After a long descent down Cataract Creek, we walked by a campground that was being used as a checkpoint for a 120 mile, 6 day staged race.  We talked to the attendants of the checkpoint and pretty soon they were filling our packs with extra gu, shot blocks, and strop waffles.  Unintended trail magic!  We also passed some historic bunkers were troops from the 10th Mountain Division had trained during WWII.  We both felt pretty good today and hiked on until we had our longest day yet.

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  1. OMG You guys are amazing, I just love all the beautiful pictures. We just finished a trip outwest but traveling 4000 miles in the car & sleeping in hotels.

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