We woke up today with only 4.6 miles to get to Tennessee Pass where we could hitch into Leadville.  We had a nice leisurely breakfast where we actually cooked our oatmeal and made hot coffee.  Very luxurious.  It was a cold morning with frost in the meadows, but by 10am, we were at the pass.  We got picked up by a guy named Doug who was from Ohio and actually went to college right down the street from where the Optimist works.  Small world.  Once in Leadville, we stopped at the laundry/shower place and got cleaned up.  We ate and grocery shopped and Space Invader bought a fleece from Melanzana that kind of makes her look like a Teddy bear.  We had bad timing getting to Leadville because the 100 mile mountain bike race was going on the next day and all of the hotels were booked.  Luckily, our friend Snake Charmer from the PCT lives in Vail and has a friend that lives in Leadville.  SC’s friend Ayla was so generous and let us stay at their house, even though we had never met.  A big thanks to Ayla, Aaron, Joe, and Duke (the dog) for letting us crash at your place.  And thanks Snake Charmer for setting it up.  We had a great time hanging out that night and even stayed up until real midnight – not just hiker midnight.

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