The first couple of miles of the day were in the woods, then pretty soon we were spit on to a dirt road and then a paved road.  Along the road is Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.  We decided to stop in for breakfast (why wouldn’t we?).  After that, we went for a swim in the pools.  While we were swimming, we watched some really early thunderstorms developing.  Before long it started raining, so we decided to stay for lunch.  Then it really came down.  We watched it rain for a couple of hours.  While it was raining, a journalist from the “Mountain Mail” newspaper came in to do a story on the hot springs.  She was interested in our trip and took our picture for the paper, so, yea, we’re pretty famous.  After the rain lightened up, we started the walk back to the trail.  That’s when we realized how much it actually rained.  Along the road, a portion of the hill washed out and trapped a couple of cars.  The county was already there, so we hiked on in the drizzle until we made camp at Brown’s Creek with Cochi, a hiker doing the Collegiate Loop.

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