Last night was cold.  Probably in the low 30’s, but my watch battery was too dead to show the temp.  It was pretty hard getting out of the tent, but we were motivated because today was a town day.  We were going into the town of Salida for a full zero.  In the morning, we hit mile 242.3 – the halfway point.  This trail is going fast.  There was sunshine, a nice breeze, and great views.  A great day.  We had a small dilemma once we got to the trailhead, because we actually had to hitch the opposite way from town to pick up a box we had sent ourselves to the west route.  Luckily, a super nice woman picked us up at the trailhead, drove us all the way west to the store to pick up our box, and the all the way into Salida.  She was waiting to pick up her brother at the trailhead and had time, so she drove us around.  We continue to find the nicest people.  Once in Salida, we checked into the Comfort Inn, ordered a pizza, and went to bed.

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