After doing the climb to the pass yesterday, this section of trail gets pretty flat in comparison.  There is also a scarcity of water sources which had us needing to do a little more strategizing.  From camp, there was a creek 11.6 miles and a lake 22.1 miles away.  We decided we would go the full 22 miles since the terrain looked fairly flat.  We got the first 11.6 in by noon and were feeling pretty good about hitting our mileage.  It was hot and sunny at the creek, so we sunscreened up for the afternoon. That must have been the sign the clouds were looking for, because as soon we started ascending from the creek, the clouds got thick and dark.  By the top of the climb, we were getting hailed on.  The top of the climb is pretty exposed were there are meadows, so we found ourselves scurrying from one pack of trees to the next, waiting out the thunder in between.  There was enough hail on the ground that it looked like snow.  Once the hail and rain stopped, it was cold, but stayed dry most of the way to our campsite at Baldy Lake.  It was the toughest day so far on the trail.

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