It was cold, wet, and windy at the lake.  We had heard another cold front was moving through and it felt like it.  It was pretty tough getting out of the tent this morning and we didn’t get hiking until 8am.  There was a lot of fog lingering this morning from all of the moisture left over from yesterday’s storms.  The wind continued in the morning as we hiked along the continental divide.  Then by lunchtime, the skies cleared and it turned into a beautiful day.  Not to be fooled though, I found a little bit of cell service on the top of a ridge and saw a huge amount of rain heading toward us.  We hurried up and hiked on to find a place to set up the tent.  After a lot of searching, we found a little spot under a spruce tree and threw the tent up just before the rain started.

One thought on “Day 23 Mile 288.9-304.4 (15.5 miles) plus 0.5 side trail

  1. Cold front sounds pretty darn good here in C-bus right now…tho I’m in a cozy ultra warm house! 🙂 Cloud pics are unreal…

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