They were right about the rain.  It came down hard all night, but stopped right before we got up.  The relaxing sound of the rain, a comfy campsite, and a bad night of sleep the night before combined and we slept for 11 hours.  We eventually got up and walked on through the fog.  We were walking through cow grazing land which meant lots of fouled up water sources.  Los Creek was so bad, we had to skip it and go without water for a few extra miles.  Most of the trail in this section was on flat dirt roads which made for some fast miles.  It felt good to go fast again.  We got lucky with the rain today as we kind of walked around another thunderstorm and only got rained on for a minute.  The people behind us weren’t as lucky.  The rest of the trail followed the beautiful Cochetopa Creek.  There was a washed out bridge, so we had to do the one and only ford on the Colorado Trail.  We were ready to setup camp at mile 20, but the only flat areas seemed to be on exposed areas above the creek.  We kept hiking looking for a spot, but eventually ended at the trailhead and just crashed there.

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