Setting up in the grassy area behind the trailhead bathroom turned out to be an unwise decision.  We woke up to a tent covered in ice.  It was a cold morning.  After we begrudgingly packed up a frozen tent, we hiked into the La Guarita wilderness.  As soon as we found a flat rock in the sun, we laid everything out (including ourselves) to warm up and dry out.  After that, we started the long climb up to 12,600 ft.  Along the way, it started snowing (yes, snowing) so we setup the tarp and ate lunch.  Pretty soon, Shutter and Twister walked by, so they jumped under the tarp too.  Not long after, blue skies came over the ridge, do we made a go of it.  The weather seemed to get colder and windier as we went up.  Once we crested the pass, we were all a little shocked to see the whiteout conditions on the other side.  We all suited up with all of the clothes we had and started over the edge.  It was actually pleasant to hike in the snow as opposed to the rain.  After lots of minor passes, we descended to Middle Mineral Creek were there were about fifteen other hikers camped.  As we setup the tent, a moose and her kid came strolling up the creek.

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