In the morning, we stopped by the hostel and the coffee shop next door to see what the other hikers plans were for the next section.  Turns out, almost all of them are planning to zero today and won’t hit the trail until tomorrow.  Oh well, we don’t have that luxury as we are on a pretty tight timeline to finish this. We got a quick hitch in the back of a pickup (this time with a cap!) and were at the trailhead at 11:30.  It immediately started raining.  After hiding out by the bathroom for half an hour, we hit the trail.  The weather looked good for a little bit, then all of a sudden, it was hailing and we were running for the bushes as we were in a section with no trees.  Some of the lightning seemed pretty close and was a little unnerving.  It started hailing again after that, so we set up the tarp quickly.  After that, it got cold and more storms were brewing on the horizon.  We got really lucky when we stumbled upon a backcountry yurt run by the Friends of the CT.  They ask for a $20 donation per person to stay in the yurt which we gladly paid to get out of the storms for a night.  We had a great night talking with Sparky and Diego who were also staying.

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