The next 30 plus miles are all above 12,000 ft and subsequently above treeline.  With the daily pattern of afternoon (and sometimes noon) thunderstorms, we knew we had to get to a sheltered campsite early.  Based on the info from Diego (he was heading the opposite direction) we set our sights on Cataract Lake 14 miles away.  We were up at 5am and out of the yurt by 5:45.  Pretty soon we were walking through 3-4 inches of new snow.  We reached the highest point on the CT at 13,271 ft after walking through a few miles of snow.  We descended from the high point to an area with some old mining equipment and then headed down a huge valley.  Finally, the sun came out and we were able to dry out our wet feet and shoes.  We saw Candyman and Yeti along the way. They were the only people we saw all day.  We got to our campsite at 3:00.  We were at the lowest point on this section of trail, but we were still above treeline at 12,300 ft.  Candyman and Yeti felt the weather looked good enough to try the next pass and left the lake.  Within an hour after they left, the skies turned black and we got the first thunderstorm.  Over the next two hours, we were in a pretty intense thunderstorm with chickpea sized hail and lots of lightning.  Not to be deterred, once the first wave passed, we were able to go out and build a snowman out of the hail.  Once the t-storms blew through, we watched it snow for a few hours.

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